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September 27, 2013
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[ B U N E ] by kabuki-eyebrows [ B U N E ] by kabuki-eyebrows
    Wanna RP?
    I prefer Google Docs, tumblr, or Skype [kabuki.eyebrows].

『 B U N E 』

    b a s i c s

      ◆◇ Name ◇◆ Bune Amy

      ◆◇ Species ◇◆ Demon

      ◆◇ Age|Birthday ◇◆ 763|10.27

      ◆◇ Gender|Sexuality ◇◆ male|deviant

      ◆◇ Height|Weight ◇◆ 6'2"|198lbs

      ◆◇ Basic Physical Description ◇◆ Like a butterfly with with false features, Bune's appearance is deceptive. His sickly green skin is smooth, and almost unnaturally flawless. His dusty colored hair, while appearing soft, is thick and course to the touch.
      He prefers the traditional dress of the court rather than the more modern fair of Unterwelt. Choosing dark, rich colors in elaborate designs.

      ◆◇ Job ◇◆ Deadly Sin (Gluttony)

    a b o u t

      ◆◇ Personality ◇◆
        Manipulative Like a true member of the Court, Bune knows how to twist people to do his bidding, and if he doesn't, than he's eager to learn. He will gladly go out of his way to be pleasant and appear concerned or thoughtful over someone if only to gain their trust. Fickle He likes what he likes, when he likes it, and isn't afraid to toss something aside if he finds something he likes more. Competitive Bune does not like to loose. He will obtain what he seeks regardless of the price. Callous Despite his false pleasantries, Bune cares for no one but himself. Unforgiving Unfortunately, he is quite capable of holding a grudge, and when the grudge isn't quite good enough, he is more than okay with breaking apart someone(s) or something until very little remains.

      ◆◇ Background ◇◆
        A true product of his environment, Bune Amy was raised, or brainwashed rather, completely in the Court of the Royal Morning Star. His general childhood was unnotable, but it can be said that he wanted for nothing and thus gained an unquenchable appetite. Finding his brother unwilling to continue holding office, Bune fought to take the title of Gluttony. As he'd long since grown weary of Court life. There was no longer a challenge in taking, as everyone was far too afraid to deny him anything. With a change of local, he mused he could at least entertain himself for a handful of years before dumping what was left of Unterwelt into his predecessors hands.

    m i s c e l l a n e o u s i n f o

      ◆◇ Feel free to try and 'change' his ways
      ◆◇ May luck be on your side
      ◆◇ tentacle porn

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I dunno how his name is supposed to be pronounced but if its not "bun-ee" I just might cry.
Just sayin'.
supposed to be Buné
I pronounce it Boon....but bun-e is sort of hilarious
His face looks awesome ouo
Bon-J Sep 30, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
He's a beauty ;-; <3333
Majestic ; u ;
I love the markings idea ♥
Tryin OTL
Desperately even
shhh, bro is a real beauty ♥
He's lovely so far \ouo/

but with no more Wes I gotta drop Laila
Don't gotta, she's welcome to become unmarried
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